Collateral: the operational benefits of the process

Small and medium-sized enterprises are suffering more when they need safe business transactions. sometimes happens that they are not properly structured, properly capitalized or simply they don’t have features or know-how to gain access to surety bonds or performance bonds. Smartecht proposes A possibly easier, cheaper which guarantees both parties in the business transaction. Benefits when you uses Collateral are clear and both interested parties are properly collateralized both in the implementation and in payments. SmarTechT has an active and equidistant role, between companies involved in the contract. How? It draws up a contract that guarantees both parties, follows the supply and manages regular payments flowing as an independent third party. Equally guaranteeing applicant and beneficiary

  • SmarTechT draws up the detailed contract between the applicant and the beneficiary
  • Smartecht autonomously manages regular payments flowing
  • Smartecht autonomously manages the smooth running of the supply
  • Checks both the carrying out and the technical correspondence
  • Checks and certifies the progress of works set out in contract

Guarantee on behalf of the supplier

SmarTechT provides to keep funding tied up and provides to inform the supplier that funds are bound and they are intended to be used for the supply only. Funds are safely blocked and they are able to be moved only on to final recipient, within the agreement’s guidelines. Smartecht lets the supplier to be confident that fundings (set aside to carry out to payment of goods being supplied) are always bound and available all along. The supplier has no doubt to receive founds according to the contract rules, and he is sure that buyer can not in any way manage it autonomously, out of contract rules

  • Funds are safely blocked since the signing of the contract
  • Funds are bound and they are intended to be used by smartecht for the supply only, through special power attorney
  • Funds are able to be moved only within the agreement’s guidelines, after verifying and validation of progress of works

Guarantee on behalf of the buyer

SmarTechT focuses on correcting steps of the project, by tracking the lead time of implementation and by checking compliance to the supply targets. The monitoring process is both technical and desk. Smartecht checks out the state of implementation before carrying out payments. The buyer has no doubt that Smartecht will manage fundings according to the contract rules. That is why no payment can be made unless achieve the contract targets. Moreover agreed payments shall be effected only after checking the technology or good being supplied.

  • Fundigs are handled exclusively by Smartecht, within the agreement’s guidelines
  • Supply operation is continuously monitored, checking out time of implementation and matching the supply exactly to demand
  • the handling of payments by smartecht takes place in total transparency, with clear and strict rules, through special power attorney