THINK-LAB & ADVICE: m&a and Technological Transfer

Smartecht provides organisations and SMEs with tools to improve their performance, to make the right decisions or to solve a problem. We only face issues in areas where we are highly competent and we address customer needs with discretion and low profile. Our company policy is to prefer a personalized advice and a trustful relationship for selected customers, in order to supply excellent quality at attractive prices. We deal with specific issue and we solve it, or we provide the right tools to solve it. 

We help companies to define their business strategy, to find the resources they need, to plan merger & acquisition operations. Moreover we help SMEs to manage the legal affair of business transactions and deal with technology transfer operations. These skills are the result of the interplay of different advisors, working in synergy. Smartecht offers its strategic advice and operational support in the following areas:

Trust and ficuciary services
merger & acquisition
Technological transfer

Due diligence
Asset  management 
Sensitive and special tasks

Merger & Acquisition

 The Merger and Acquisition operations are extraordinary corporate finance activities, which modify the ownership structure of two or more corporate entities. Merger refers to merger processes, that is the particular operation in which the participating companies lose their juridical-economic identities and are recomposed into a single and new organized entity. Acquisition means the purchase of shares in a participating company by another investee company. In the acquisition schemes, most of the times the companies involved retain their legal identity and therefore respect a certain degree of autonomy in their organization and decision-making processes.

Technological transfer

The Technological transfer, taking place between the producer and the user, is only apparently a simple process, but can be problematic if it’s not properly managed since early stages. The risks involved in such process are:

Choosing a wrong technology for your company

Choosing an unfit or very unrealiable supplier

Choosing an unfit or very unrealiable supplier

Many problems relating to the technological transfer, can be avoided by fully analysing and planning all stages of the transfer process before it starts. This is the only way to prevent time-consuming controversies and to save both time and money.


Smartecht offre un valido supporto nelle fasi della valutazione e dell’individuazione della tecnologia idonea, nella ricerca del giusto strumento di finanziamento, nella validazione del fornitore più idoneo e nella supervisione del progetto.