Why risk it? Ask for Collateral, it's easy

For small businesses and SMEs in general, it is difficult to avoid credit risk and the risk of performance. In some cases, rather than risking or giving up, commercial transactions should be protected. Relying on Smartecht as a third party guarantee is simple and immediate, a simpler, less expensive alternative to guarantees and performance bonds.



when you make an investment or request a supply from a new supplier or from a distant supplier or that you consider unreliable, you risk that the execution of the supply is incorrect or corresponds to expectations.

when you have to supply goods or equipment to a new customer, to a distant customer or that you believe unreliable, you risk not receiving your payments!                                                

The fields of application of the Collateral process

The Collateral process is applicable to transactions, supplies or commercial exchanges between small and medium-sized enterprises that take place in different sectors:

  • Design, construction and supply of technological systems
  • Design, construction and supply of industrial and mechanical systems
  • Supply of goods, equipment and services
  • Plants for energy efficiency and renewable energies
  • Renovation and construction of industrial buildings
  • Contract for accommodations and offices

When Collateral comes in very useful for SMEs

The companies most potentially interested in using the Collateral Guarantee process in their commercial transactions are small, very small and medium-sized manufacturing companies operating in Italy and abroad with certain characteristics:

SMEs and micro businesses that are not very structured or have little capital, including family businesses, which require external “on demand” skills

Companies with low ratings, with significant exposures and who have temporary difficulties in requesting guarantees and guarantees from the banking and insurance system

Companies that prefer to disintermediate guarantees from the banking system and rely on an equidistant and fiduciary third party

Target groups

In some specific cases, using the guarantee process and having an equidistant third party who manages the entire commercial transaction is very convenient for small and medium-sized companies. Smartecht can always help you and in particular in these cases:

You are a small company and do not have the internal skills necessary to deal with much more structured clients.

You are a small company and have the opportunity to take on a high value order or supply. It is risky without guarantees, especially without the guarantee that the client will respect its payment obligations.

You are a small or medium-sized company and you need to invest in your production structure to expand or renew it. You should entrust the monitoring of the supply and the management of the payments to an equidistant third party, to verify the presence of flaws or defects before making the expected payments.

You are a small or medium-sized company and have planned interventions for energy efficiency or production cycles. You should rely on a third party guarantee to be sure that the supplier operates in the agreed way to have the expected savings.